Tico the Squirrel

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Tico the Squirrel

  Dora Coloring Pages
Tico Coloring Page

Tico the Squirrel is a friend of Dora’s. He lives in the forest and speaks mainly Spanish.

Tico’s purpose on the show is to help Dora teach the viewers Spanish. When Dora has to tell Tico something in Spanish she asks the viewers to say it along with her.

Tico Coloring SheetFor those who want to stick to the colors used in the series: Tico wears a colorful striped vest and he has purple fur.
His car is yellow. This printable coloring page has a small color picture of Tico to help kids use the correct colors. 
Tico Coloring Pages
Spot the differences Tico Worksheet – Spot the differences between the two pictures of Tico


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