Free Printable Dora Coloring Pages

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A large selection of free Dora Coloring Pages, printables and games for each of the Dora characters.

There are many Dora Coloring pages on this site so please look around. There is a section for each of the Dora characters.

Printable Dora Coloring Pages

Dora Coloring Pages
Dora Coloring Page
In each episode, Dora the Explorer goes on a trip in order to find something or help someone in need.Dora’s map helps her understand the path that she has to take in order to reach her destination. On the way, she always encounters obstacles which she has to overcome and puzzles to solve.

Other Dora Characters

Boots Coloring Page Swiper Coloring Page
Swiper the fox often tries to swipe objects from Dora and Boots on the way. Dora’s Backpack usually contains the equipment that she needs to overcome obstacles. The TV program is interactive and Dora often asks the viewers to help her solve puzzles along the way. Dora also teaches children Spanish (or English depending on the country in which the program is viewed). Dora is always accompanied by Boots (her best friend) during her adventures. Whenever Dora and Boots successfully accomplish their mission the Fiesta Trio appears to congratulate them with music. Dora has many other friends such as Benny the Bull, Isa the Iguana and Tico the Squirrel.
Backpack Coloring Page Tico
This site offers many different Dora Coloring Pages. You can also download and print a Dora Coloring Book with all of the Dora Character coloring pages.  The Dora Coloring Book enables you to print all the Dora Coloring Pages at once without having to download each one individually. The coloring book is free to print.
Dora Coloring Book
Dora Colouring Book(British Version)This version contains Dora Colouring Pages (the titles use the British spelling)
Go Diego Go For each of the Dora Coloring Pages we have both a black and white and colored version. The colored Dora Coloring Page includes a colored picture which enables kids to copy the original colors used in the Dora series. This helps children acquire various skills such as color recognition, visual discrimination, attention to detail, ability to follow directions and hand-eye coordination.
Boots Swiper
Boots is a monkey who wears red boots. He is Dora’s best friend and always accompanies her during her adventures. Swiper is always getting in Dora’s way and trying to steal things from her.
Dora Backpack
Tico Coloring Sheet

About Dora the Explorer

Dora the Explorer is an animated TV series created by Valerie Walsh, Chris Gifford and Eric Weiner. It is shown on the Nickelodeon cable television network and the Nick Jr. channel.

Dora is a sweet little girl and always ready to help others. During the show she teaches little viewers how to count, basic words in another language (depending on the country in which you view the Dora the Explorer show) and how to solve simple problems. Dora always involves the viewers in her decision making process and during her dilemas. For example, what do you need to cross the river? It makes kids think about an object that will help solve the problem. I think that Dora the Explorer is one of the most educational programs today. It teaches kids the value of helping others, how to treat other people (Dora always sees the good in people including in Swiper who is always swiping her things)

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mattie may June 21, 2011 at 4:01 pm

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Dora August 7, 2011 at 7:41 pm


Who doesnt like Dora the explorer, great to get em all in same place.


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dora is a cooool kid yooo


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iam 15 years old and i loveeeeeeeeee dora i dont care who say anything your never to old to like somebody………


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hi my 7 year old she love’s dora the explorer if you ask me i think it’s a good for kids.


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dora is so awesome my sister loves her.


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I agree too. Dora is so wicked awesome!


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